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***In this 20 minute intro meeting we want to sit down and get to know you and where you are in your fitness and function. We want to know your past experiences and things you enjoy doing. It helps us understand your goals, measure baseline and make a plan to help you get there! Send us your contact information and we will take the next steps to schedule a time to meet you in person.



As a business and gym community, AVID CrossFit serves in providing quality coaching in functional fitness to Hayden and the surrounding areas.

Our goal is to help people consistently pursue the balance of their bodies function and inspire any person to approach fitness in this balanced way.

We are committed to providing individuals with a set of tools that can help them achieve their personal goals and confront life’s unknown challenges.

In everything we do we aim to handle our business with integrity and represent Christ.

What makes AVID Crossfit different?

We hold a high standard for body mechanics and the coaches are very involved. The programming is detailed and the workouts have a good balance to keep things exciting. All the workouts are written with a seven week cycle in mind. Every seven weeks we test our progress over a week called “Repeat Week”. Every gym has a different culture but we are dedicated to providing quality coaching and workouts in connection with a community of like minded people pursuing health. We aim to provide an environment that facilitates a optimum place for you to pursue your health and wellness. We also aim to be a resource for Fitness Coaching, Preventative and Rehab maintenance, Recovery and Injury Advice, Nutrition and Supplements. If we can’t do it, we will point you to someone we trust who can. Make AVID your home for your pursuit of health.