Amberly Kamps

Amberly Kamps


About Me

Being a CrossFit coach has been very rewarding. There is something so unique about the bond created between a coach and the athletes. You get the privilege of not only helping people progress in their physical weaknesses, but we are creating an environment for athletes of all ages to continue to improve their quality of life for many years to come. I’d have to say though, that the absolute best part of being an Avid coach is being apart of the community. There have been many days that I have felt low and the people at Avid lifted my spirits without even knowing it.

If I had to choose my favorite things I’ve learned from doing CrossFit is that it does not matter how “good” you are at something. What matters is that you show up and you get moving. Everyday that you are putting in work you are one workout better than you were yesterday. 

Fun Facts!

My favorite movement is probably tied between a clean and jerk and handstand push-ups. I love anything gumnasty, but nothing gets be more pumped than being able to pick up something heavy and stand it up.  Clean and jerk max 145lb


From past hobbies or sports is a bit different for me. I’ve never been the best at whatever I do, but I’ve definitely been great at being a good sport. My very first gymnastics competition I forgot my floor routine halfway through and ended up repeating most of it. Despite my embarrassment or poor score, I came off that floor laughing at myself. However silly it was, just getting to be on that floor was rewarding enough for me. 

Favorite Food 😝

My favorite food would definitely have to be Oreos. Oreo anything!