Braden Mowry

Braden Mowry

Coach, Owner

About Me

Being able to serve others in a manner that changes their lives, and providing a platform to maintain that change is beyond rewarding. Functional Fitness, Quality Coaching and Programming are passions of mine and the culture of AVID reflects that. When I began CrossFit I realized it got to the core of functionality and health and it radically changed my life. A desire grew to build a business that carried out this vison. Owning and coaching at AVID CrossFit is an opportunity to provide a fun environment with excellent coaching and a place people from all fitness levels are excited to come every day. In the past I’ve had many injuries in wrestling ranging from a herniated disc to multiple knee surgeries. Before starting AVID, I had an infection in my leg that almost took my life. CrossFit has built a foundation of fitness in my body that has prevented injury, driven recovery and held up my functionality. CrossFit has taught me to dig deep, put in the effort and be patient for results. want to share all of these experiences with others.

Favorite Lifts 💪

The Snatch was the hardest lift for me to learn and has become my favorite lift. It’s a little magic when you catch a heavy squat snatch deep in the hole and stand that baby up! Max Snatch= #240


Wrestling, 2x State Champ, Junior All American, 3x Regional CrossFit (team) Athlete,CrossFit L1 Trainer, Affiliate Owner and just getting started!

Favorite Food 🍕

Pizza. It was the main dish at my wedding!