Back Squat Stability Tips

  • Bracing 

The set up of any movement is extremely important. Under load we first need to stabilize our body so that we can create force. Bracing is done by first inhaling air to create a pressurized torso. We also need to flex our midline 360 degrees so that our whole body and lats are tight. 

  • Foot Stability 

The foundation of a squat is at your feet. If our feet are imbalanced we cannot have proper ankle, knee and hip position. Start by spreading your toes and trying to balance weight equally between the knuckle of your big toe, knuckle of your little toe and heel. Also grab the ground with your big toe and keep your knees out over your knees during movement. 

  • Position

A common fault is to drop the chest forward and let the hips rise out of the bottom of the squat. To keep the weight from shifting you forward and the bar balance over the mid foot, maintain the angle of the back and stiffness on the way back up to standing. This way you can keep a consistent drive through your legs during the hardest part of the squat.