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Building healthy foundations of fitness in our kids and young adults by teaching them that fitness is FUN!

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What we focus on...

Functional Fitness

These are movements that translate well to every day life. For example: squatting, hinging, hanging, running, sit ups ect...
Learning how to do these movements CORRECTLY will help your kid(s) build a strong foundation in these that will not only help prevent injuries in the future, but also allow them to live life to the best of their abilities for years to come.


Our program follows progressions that start out very basic and build up from there. Once we know how to squat with correct technique, we can then add weight and start building strength.


It is very important that your child(ren) are staying consistent within the program. Classes are 2 days a week and follow progressions. Missing too many classes could impact their understanding of the movements as well as their progress in building strength.

Making Fitness FUN!

As many adults might know, fitness can seem like a chore at times. We want you child(ren) to be excited about coming to the gym and showing them that they can do things they might not have known they could do. This builds confidence that radiates into other areas of their lives.

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