Never Miss a Monday

Never Miss a Monday

Written by Andy Shaw

With a new cycle descending upon us and with many new athletes joining what we call a family, this is a perfect opportunity to communicate the meaning of the phrase often heard among other athletes…” Never miss a Monday.” 

What does this mean? Why is this important? Why is this a core value?

Never Miss a Monday means we are committing to ourselves.  Every day we commit to being better, pushing ourselves and there is no better place to start than at the beginning… of the week.

Obviously with work schedules, families and life missing a Monday happens.  Where the importance lies is we are also saying is, “stay committed.  Fitness not only carries us through life, fitness also makes it more enjoyable.  With greater physical capacity in the form of strength and cardio, we not only perform well in a work sense, but we are also able to take on those extra moments without being hindered by lack of physical ability.  We can hit the kayaks on the lake on the weekends, take the grandkids out fishing, to the parks, walk the dogs, the random hike invite from a fellow athlete and the list continues all while enjoying it and living life to its fullest. 

When we miss that Monday because of a busy weekend or are just “not feeling it” we set ourselves up in the opposite pattern of discipline in the gym.  We missed Monday, if something happens that thwarts the plan of making Tuesday then we find ourselves in the crunch of getting all our intended training in 3 days.

The important precept of this statement is we are committing ourselves to our fitness and the process and there is no better time to start than at the beginning of the week.  When we start our week right,  we show up on Monday ready to crush it, apply ourselves with intention during class then we know that no matter what happens throughout the week, we got in our first workout on the first day of the week and are ready to attack where we need, roll with the punches when we need, and further our intention to be healthy, strong capable human beings.

Go out there, crush it with intention and never miss a Monday.